02 June 2010

De Buurtmarkt Home Made in v/d Pek, Amsterdam Noord is back! starts June 5th

Market: Buurtmarkt van der Pekbuurt @ Pekplein, Amsterdam Noord (get of the ferry go straight ahead you will see it on your left near the canal), opens June 5th and their follow the first Saturday of every month 'til October 2nd, 12.00 – 17.00, FREE, stuff for kids.

An initiative out Noord in cooperation with Stichting Broedstraten and de Tolhuistuin brings together neighbors and visitors. All goods “handmade” in the neighborhood such as delicious handmade Surinamese food (including ginger beer - something like ginger ale), handmade clothes and slippers, art exhibitions, etc, oh and a makeshift cafe.

Reserve a free place at the market for your creative occupation (sales and exhibit to a workshop or act) via Maaike@broedstraten.nl.

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