11 April 2010

Zilverstad: Srebrenica 15 jaar later @ Melkweg Gallerie April 8 - May 2

Photography: Daniel Koning's Zilverstad: Srebrenica 15 jaar later @ Melkweg, April 8 - May 2, open Wednesday 0 Sunday 13.00 - 20.00, FREE.

On July 11th 1995 the world was witness of an appalling war crime: Bosnian Serb forces entered the so called UN safe-haven Srebrenica and the ten days that followed more then 7000 Muslim men where killed. Daniel Koning was a reporter in Bosnia during the war and since 2009 has returned to Srebrenica to document the development of the city after the atrocities. His pictures sketch a grim picture of city only partially rebuild as international aid never reached the city.

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