25 April 2010

Koninginnenacht + dag feesten / Queen's Night and Day Parties

1) Festival: Bredeweg Festival @ Bredeweg, Watergraafsmeer, Queens night and day, FREE, lots of stuff for kids.

This is the festival you go to if you want to avoid binge drinking and listening to the same dance "hit" blasting out of windows and party boats. The Bredeweg festial festival started as a neighboorhood event, and keeps to this tradition. Queen's Night there is a live oprea starting 21.30, and live music near cafe 1900. Queen's Day the "market" starts 10.15 with live music, shows, and lots of activities for the kids! Check out the complete program.

2) Music + Party: Cruise Inn Queensnight @ Cruise Inn, Zuiderzeeweg 29 (just over the bridge towards Ijburg, on your left hand side), 21.00 - late, FREE.

The best Rock ‘n Roll  DJ's of Amsterdam, with some cheap beers and a crowd that loves to boggie. Well worth the trip over the bridge.

3) Art + Music: Savage Barn Sale @ Gallerie Chiellerie, opening April 29 sale continues 'til May 6th, 19.00, FREE.

Live music from the '69ers plus the opening of teh Savage Barn Sale. They will sell retro prints, t-shirts, painting, posters by Peter Pontiac, Claudia Hek, Lina Stigson, Yolanda Withaar, Michiel Hoving, Dirty Job, Pjotr & Iwan, Roel Smit, Maria Koren, Mappe, etc...

4) Music + Party: BEZET @ Club 8, Queen's night, 22.00 - late, before midnight €7, after midnight €9 (but expect lines). For FREE if you are dressed for at least 80% in orange.

A party on two floors, with free pool and traditional Dutch games, such as spijkerpoepen and koekhappen. And electro-pop, indie and post punk djs. Plus, live performances by Dans le Rock, Robotrock, Kill all Hipsters, Raven and Autoblonde.

5) Music + Party: Queen's Night/Day Party @ Studio K, Party the entire night and into Queen's Day with fab DJs.

Think the monthly K/Peren party plus Queen's day fun = a super party with guest djs.

6) Party: Queen's Night @ Pacific Parc, Westerpark, Thursday night, 23.00, FREE.

Another great night at the Parc with the a live band- the Los Suspiros (a Spanish Punk Rock, Rock "n" Roll, Surf y rock duro) with a night of djs to follow.

7) Vrijmarkt: Did you know? Utrecht's Koninginnedag market starts Koninginnenacht! So if you are really dying to pick through people's stuff, or want to sharpen your bargaining skills before the big day head on over to Utrecht with the market starting at 18.00 on the 29th.

8) also check out guest blogger Jeff's suggestions for Queen's Day in het Centrum.

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