26 April 2010

an alternative plan for Queen's day when you get separated from your posse

There is an alternate more Zen-like plan for those who either A) don't like to plan, or B) get separated from their posse:

1 - Find a new posse or...

2 - Walk around for 20 minutes max. Then sit somewhere. Breathe. Despite what you think, you will not be any better off than where you are.

3 - Avoid the edges of the canals at all times and don't wear shoes that you like.

4 - Don't freak out at friends who don't return your text messages. As with any massive event in any city, cell networks get jammed and messages get delayed, often for many hours.

Still looking for suggestions for Queen's Day? Check out Queen's Day in het Centrum and  Koninginnenacht + dag feesten / Queen's Night and Day Parties.

- Jeff Funnekotter, check out his Big City Blog about life in Amsterdam and everywhere else the road takes him.

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