27 April 2010

Karel Appel Huis opened in Oost

The Karel Appel House opened its doors in Oost Sunday, April 25th. Appel was a famous avant-garde CoBrA painter born in the Dapperbuurt. The Karel Appel House is a mixed-use housing and art project developed for international artists working at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts, where Appel himself studied between 1942 and 1944. Once a year the house plans to open its doors for a temporary mini-museum in the four apartments of the House. You can spot the house, at Dapperstraat 7, by the large bronze apple hanging on the facade with the text "Karel Appel was hier".

Check out the newly opened exhibition at the CoBrA Museum, in Amstelveen, featuring an overview of Appel's life and work.

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