29 May 2010

Balkan Buro presents a southeast european cultural journey, June 4th - 6th

Event: Southeast Europe: a cultural journey @ various locations, June 4th - 6th, various prices, tickets can be reserved at the location of events, or send a mail to tickets@balkanburo.org. But no answer = no reservation!

Southeast Europe, a Cultural Journey is a festival that travels through several cities in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. It's goal is to present the possible new EU countries in the Southeast to the West of Europe through magnificent concerts, great food, literature and film. The festivities are spread over different venues in the city. 

Friday night: Cafe Pakhuis Wilhelmina will feature the best live Gypsy music from the Balkans, with as main act the top of gypsy acts: Kocani Orchestar. 

Saturday is alternative: at Schijnheilig featuring the best cult act that Serbia has to offer: Rambo Amadeus! This is a open/public event with no reservation possible, come early! Kriterion will show great Balkan movies on the same day. 

Sunday: lazy day! with some impressive writers at Brakke Grond, and will continue with a greasy Serbian roast: the Balkan Barbeque! On the square in front of Brakke Grond, a Serbian cook is coming to roast the pork himself! We will collectively digest the weekend to a cinematic experience of underground music in Istanbul.

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