19 May 2010

Sunday Van Gogh lectures, May 23rd

Lecture: From the Real to the Unreal: Photography and the Naturalist Career of Eanger Irving Couse @ Van Gogh Museum, Sunday May 23rd, price of museum, FREE with Museumkaart, English spoken.

Guest curator, Gabriel Weisberg, discusses the upcoming exhibition Illusions of reality: Naturalist painting, photography and cinema at the Van Gogh Museum (which starts in October 2010).

"Academically trained in France, the American painter Eanger Irving Couse (1866-1936) was well aware the role photography played in how paintings were constructed. Couse used his camera as an ethnographic reporter focusing on sites, ceremonies and the native Americans in New Mexico. His paintings, developed from photographic portraits, became idealized representations of the contemporary American Indian." - Van Gogh

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