28 May 2010

the Anti- Pinkpop @ Occii, May 28th

Purplepop Amsterdam (vs. Pinkpop) @ OCCII , May 28th, 20.00 - 03.00, €6.

Pinkpop is an annual pop festival held in Landgraaf, Netherlands which features big named musicans and all the festival shennigans. This is the anti-pink pop = purpole pop with some real music!

Occi has a non-stop program full of bands, cocktails, and good Dj-ing from Foxy Roxy (oldskool 60s/garage vynil); Future Pop (newskool hits and unknown delights of today and tomorrow) ''no Techno, no Metal , no Emo" - occii

Check out the Suicidal Birds (garage blues punk, NL),Yes…pinkpink (party beats, NL), The Stutters (Indiepop, NL), Alos (doom performance, NL), Apneu (garage, NL), RedThePlaneeet!!! (electro punk, NL), Pattern Cuttoff (drum& bass punk, NL). Drinks are cheap and the partying good!

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