20 May 2010

Kerkennacht Amsterdam / Church night Amsterdam, Saturday May 22

Event: Kerkennacht Amsterdam / Church night Amsterdam @ a number of Protestant churches in Amsterdam, Saturday May 22, 19.00 - 23.00, FREE.

Not sure how to classify this event; is it an intiative to stir up membership in the protesant church,? a cultural event (following the tune of the Museumnacht?), or a community gathering?. Well whatever it is or isn't eleven churches are participating; so go take a peak inside as they open their doors to the public for one evening. This is the first church night in Amsterdam, with each church hosting a differnet program of events ranging from standard tours, to youth programs, concerts, games and borrel-esque events!?! Click on the images of the churches for more info. And tell me did you go?

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