27 May 2010

Roncalli Circus near Station Zuid every night til June 13th

I hesitated about posting about the Roncalli Circus a few days ago; thinking it was just a "regular" circus. But then I saw the tents go up and the beautiful set-up and grew very curious about what was happening in Zuid. So I decided to give it a go!

The Circus advertises itself as a `dream with open eyes', with a three hour show of fantastic circus events. The moment you enter the grounds of the circus you are shot back into a time warp (minus the modern lighting and live band playing electric guitars) with lovely wooden karts selling pretzels, cotton candy and foot-long worsts in little buns; the music is jolly; the man checking your ticket is dressed in an elaborate red suit and then you walk into a cozy big top! where the show begins.... it is a combination of original and traditional acts from trapeze to dancing, to magicians, to clown shows, with only one animal performance which involved horses. The costumes are glittering and elaborate, the women entrancing and the men muscular and manly.  All-in-all a very sexy circus. I won't dive into the details as I don't want to ruin the excitement for you, but an event that everyone will love and go home talking about children and adults alike.

The Roncalli Circus takes place on the corner of the Boelelaan/Beethovenstraat, fa ive minute walk from Station Zuid, ongoing - June 13, nightly shows at 20.00, and weekend and Wednesdays shows with various matinee times, average ticket €25 - €40.

And an additional fact (I just found on the ol' wikipedia), the circus which began in 1976 in Bonn and continues to transport everything by train. 

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