31 May 2010

Dag van het Bouw, June 5th

Event: Dag van de Bouw / Day of the Building @ various construction sites through the Netherlands, Saturday June 5th, 10.00 - 16.00, FREE.  For the non-Dutch speakers click on "Projecten en Locaties", then pick your province (Amsterdam is in Noord-Holland), then a pop-up window lists all the locations.

Free tours of various locations under construction, including the controversial Noord-Zuid Lijn (the Metro line, check out the Ceintuurbaan), the Rijksmuesum, EYE Film Instituut Nederland, Fort Diemerdam (restoration project on an old fort in Diemen), Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum, Coentunnel in West, etc....

We would suggest checking out one of the Noord-Zuid Lijn sites, but get there early as in 10am or before if you have your heart set on a specific destination; as at many of the Metro sites you are only allowed to go in in groups of 10-20 which usually creates some long lines!! Although the Noord-Zuid Lijn site in Noord is a massive cement tunnel with no waiting necessary! Bring your camera.

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