06 May 2010

National Windmill Day, May 8th and 9th

Event: Nationale Molen en gemalen Dag/National Windmill and Pumping Station Day @ throughout the Netherlands, Saturday May 8th and Sunday 9th.

This must be the most exciting day next to Queensday the celebration of another Dutch icon - the windmill. Millers open their doors for you to visit the inner secrets of these buildings. It is an ideal opportunity to understand the important role the windmill played in the economic development of the Netherlands. Yes these high-tech machines were one of the main reasons why the Dutch ruled the seas during the Golden Age.

Mills that take part in this festive day can be recognized by the blue flag on the windmill sail or by more high-tech means you can look at the online map; take your pick.

Now let's keep our fingers crossed for a national tulip or clogg day. Or maybe we should create a special day for ourselves like krokettendag?

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