02 May 2010

On a serious note...

It is quite something to see just how much the Dutch genuinely appreciate and respect the significance of a liberation that took place 65 years ago. With my own parents who were back then just small children in the bombing of Rotterdam, I am amazed and grateful how Nederlanders continue to pass on the historical importance of the war and the subsequent liberation to their kids. I've heard that to this day, Dutch families tend the gravesites of fallen Allied soldiers throughout the country.

If you are in a solemn and reverent mood and would like to see and appreciate the level of this respect, there are a ton of locations in the city to be to experience the 'Herdenking' or commemoration/memorial services.

Between 18.30 and 21.00 on Tuesday, May 4th, there are no fewer than 30 spots around the city to pay your respects and to witness how the locals do the same. Each corner of the city has a number of locations - see the full listings.

- Jeff Funnekotter, check out his Big City Blog about life in Amsterdam and everywhere else the road takes him.

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