26 May 2010

North Korean Film Night @ Kriterion, Saturday May 29th

Film: North Korean Film Night @ Kriterion, Saturday May 29th, short films and discussion start at 19:00, the two other films at 22.00 and 00.00; €5/film or €10/passe partout (all three films+event).

Check out three leading North Korean films on this special event evening. South Korean filmmaker, Shin Sang-ok, kidnapped on command of Kim Jong-il made seven films with Kim as a producer. This evening you can check out two of the most imporatant N. Korean films: "Hong Gil Solicitted "(1986) - a Robin hood-esque kong fu film. The second film is "In Our Lifeline" (2002) a film about the life of a double agent. Korean short films will be played in the bar with a discussion about the films. The short films include a recording of the Arirang Massaspelen, "Pyongyang by Night" and an informative film on "Weapons of Korea".

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