24 April 2010

Queen's Day in het Centrum

Koninginnedag awaits, as does its evening-prior sister, Koninginnenacht. And while I am a first-timer, I think I've gleaned enough information from trustworthy locals to make some recommendations. There are so many places to go and things to see that it can be dizzying. So let's keep things relatively simple.

For sheer volume and touristic simplicity, head to either Leidseplein or Museumplein. Both areas will have DJ's (and heads and stomachs) spinning non-stop. Actually any "plein" is a good bet to have masses of people there - Thorbeckeplein, Rembrandtplein, Marie Heinkenplein all have events, beginning either at 7:00pm on the 29th and/or throughout the day and night on the 30th.

To get away from the oont-ss-oont-ss of techno music head to the Jordaan area at noon on the 30th for a Cuban vibe with Septeto Trios Los Dios.

Another musical departure from the techno scene is Hell's Kitchen's QueensBridge event for some top funk and hip-hop... and the cost to feel the funk and hop to the hip? Gratis! Imagine that - less than the cost of going to the bathroom. (Which reminds me - bring a small stack of coins for the day, as all establishments will charge you to use their facilities). QueensBridge happens at several locations in and around Reguliersbreestraat and Reguliersdwarsstraat.

A worthwhile listing for all the events can be found on the site- Queensday Amsterdam.

- Jeff Funnekotter, check out his Big City Blog about life in Amsterdam and everywhere else the road takes him.

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