About Busy in Amsterdam

Founder: I am Jules; a buitenlander (foreigner) who has lived in the Netherlands for 3+years. I am motivated to make this blog for three reasons: 1) Amsterdam lost its once fabulous weekly English newspaper which so many depended on for making plans; 2) I am crazy about Amsterdam and thus inspired to convince you to fall in love with the City, too; 3) as an active resident of the City I am always so happily surprised to run into many lovely activities but at the same time astonished that an on-line platform has yet to arise to announce these not always so mainstream events. I hope to be that platform for you! 

We do not get paid by anyone, or supported by any company to do this site. So if you like this site, if you find it useful, if you are here every week going through the posts searching for something to do would you be so kind to show us your appreciation by throwing some coins our way via an ad click? Thanks!:) And enjoy!

Guest Bloggers: Guest blogger Jeff Funnekotter is a Canadian expat who came to Holland to explore his Dutch roots, regularly explore Europe, witness rokjesdag first-hand, and revive a writing career. Being a freelancer has allowed him to get to know all kinds of cool spots and events around this great city. Check out his Big City Blog about life in Amsterdam and everywhere else the road takes him.