02 September 2009

Happenings in Amsterdam for the week of September 3 - 6

A jam packed weekend is awaiting you... with everything from film, to art, photographic exhibitions, robot shows, and food festivals. You seriously can't say you are bored this weekend.

I want to send a special shout out to the many new students in Amsterdam. I hope you are enjoying your first days in our little city, and have yet to get into a bike accident! I am sure by now you have numerous little guide books and pamphlets helping you to get to know Amsterdam, but this is the place where you can start by planning your weekend escapades from a bunch of hand-picked suggestions. For some more suggestions about what to do check out this previous post about what do to when you are bored and a list of wifi spots in the City. I would love to hear from you as I am curious about what you want to see on this agenda- are you lost?, where are you spending you time?, what are you finding difficult? Email me at busyinamsterdam[at]gmail.

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Enjoy and stay busy in Amsterdam.

Entire weekend

Complete Rembrandt @ Beurs van Berlage, final weekend, open everyday 11.00 – 17.00, €12, but only €3 with Museumkaart.

Why go? Have you seen the Nachtwacht / Night watch yet? If not go!

Sunsets Overhoeks outdoor films @ Amsterdam Noord Overhoeks (take the free ferry to Buiksloterplein in Noord then head to your left, not even a minute walking from ferry), a film every night Wednesday – Sunday, 20.30 except for Friday with a starting time of 22.00, €3, most films in English.

Part of the Filmmuseum’s Sunsets (summer outdoor films), Overhoeks presents current, and classic films with world famous stars. This week:
Wednesday – The musical based on the Wizard of Oz, “The Wiz” (Sidney Lumet, US 1978).
Thursday French film: “Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot “(Jacques Tati, FR 1953). Friday: “Taking Woodstock” (Ang Lee, US 2009), this film starts at 22.00.
Saturday: “U2 Rattle and Hum” (Phil Joanou, US 1988).
Sunday: “The Red Shoes” (Michael Powell, Eric Pressburger, VS 1948).

Why go? Check out Amsterdam Noord and enjoy an outdoor film over the IJ.

West Beach Outdoor Film Festival @ Sloterplas in Slotervaart, Thursday – Saturday, continuing the following two weekends, pre-program starts at 20.30 with films from the end exams of Film Academie students with the main film starting at 21.00, FREE.

A four weekend long open air film festival in Sloterparkbad. This week Thursday showing the musical “West Side Story”, Friday “The Blair Witch Project” and Saturday “de Brief voor de Koning”.

Why go? check out the lovely Sloterpark, enjoy a free film and run around in the dark woods like the Blair witches.

Amsterdam Fringe Festival @ various locations and times, starts Friday and continues into next weekend, €7.50 per show. With a 'language is no problem' special English page for shows and performances that do not require the Dutch language.

“The festival with the most varied contacts is spreading over the city with politically kinetic theatre, sweet-voiced punk, poetic rock violence, self-torturing quests for honesty, inside-out migration theatre, international gems and an uninhibited love. Featuring this year, not only performances from the Netherlands and Flanders but also from Japan, Germany, America, Spain, Croatia & England.” – from amsterdamfringefestival.nl

Why go? Something for everyone

1st CASZUIDAS Urban Screen Festival @ Zuidas, Friday 17.00- 23.00 and Saturday 12.00 - 23.00, FREE.

This festival aims to change Amsterdam's Zuidas district into a free open-air museum. There is a varied program with over two hundred entries from more than thirty-one countries, but also many Dutch artists. Everything is presented at the public space Zuidplein in Zuidas, Amsterdam. With the event culminating in a competition on Saturday with 30 works on the urban screen.

Why go? Let yourself be visually stimulated and be part of something complete new


Women Against the Mafia @ Felix Metris, Thursday, 20.00, €7.50.

Women against Mafia gathers three courageous and passionate women who each in their unique ways have contributed to the struggle against organized crime, in the impoverished land of Sicily as well as in the Europarliament and rich Western Europe. Alter/Native with the collaboration of the art gallery Metis_NL present this unique occasion to get the broad perspective and the peculiar view of three extraordinary women who like David risk their lives to stop the Goliath of the criminal dominion. – from alternativeamsterdam.org

Why go? get a first-hand perspective of what three women are doing in protest to the Mafia

Hard rock karaoke @ Café Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Thursday, 22.00, €5.

Why go? All the songs you have been singing shower, live on stage!


Opening of Photo Exhibition of American photographer Fazal Sheikh @ Huis Marseille, Friday, 17.00 – 19.00, €5, but free with Museumkaart.

Fazal Sheikh is known for his monumental and tranquil black/white portraits, which gives names and faces to the people in refugee camps in Kenya, Tanzania and Pakistan. He also records their stories in extensive statements. This opening includes a conversation with Huis Marseille’s curator and Sheikh, and questions from the audience staring at 17.30.

Why go? Not only check out a new photo exhibition but a live interview

Robot Show @ NEMO, Friday, 18.00 – 23.00, €5 for just the Robot exhibition and or €12.50 for show, for kids and adults.

The Rathenau Instituut and NEMO present an evening for robots, with a live fight. But also a presentation and discussion, demonstrations and other activities

Why go? See robots fight live!

Van Gogh Museum Avond @ the Van Gogh Museum, Friday 18.30 - 22, entrée to museum, but free with Museumkaart, stuff for older kids.

DJ Dirkson starts spinning electric tunes and vj-ing at 18.30.

At 20.00 check out Sabine de Lat, an acoustic singer with a seven piece band and video. Her music is inspired by the poems of Charles Baudelaire with topics like losing your self in art, dreaming, love, etc…

Why go? Check out a new band and some good ol’ Van Gogh

Africa in Picture Outdoor Film “I Bring What Love” @ Wittenburgerplein, Grote Wittenburgerstraat, Friday, 20.30, FREE.

Senegalese pop sensation Youssou NDour has for the past 20 years been well known in world music. At the height of his fame Youssou become frustrated with the negative perspective of Islam and made a cd about the topic. This award winning film follows him on his music making journey.

Why go? enjoy a film in the heart of the City

Friday Night Skate @ starts at Vondelpark, Friday, 20.30, FREE, but must have your own skates and bike lights to attach to yourself, older kids are welcome if they can keep up.

Skate together with a big group every Friday on a different route.

Why go? Get of the bike and work those muscles, then go out for a beer

Band - I love Teun @ Skek, Friday, 23.00, FREE.

Dutch rock 'n roll band.

Why go? chilling late in the center? check out these tunes on the Zeedijk

The Sleazy Naked Evening @ Pacific Parc, Friday, 23.00, FREE.

With live tunes from the French rock ‘n roll bands: Les Hulks, and the Motored, followed by the infamous DJ Bone.

Why go? A themed night not to miss


Book market @ Hogeweg. Watergraafsmeer, Saturday, 10.00 – 17.00, FREE to browse.

Antique book market that travels throughout the Netherlands.

Why go? Find that book you have been searching for and enjoy the romantic Don Bosco neighborhood

New Food Fair @ Haarlemmerstraat and dijk, Saturday, 12.00 – 18.00 with outside dinners served at 18.00 (with reservation), FREE to observe but requires some cash for snacks or dinner.

The 12th annual New Food Fair takes over the Haarlemmerstraat with restaurants, cafes, snack bars and stores serving specialties, drinks and meer.

Why go? Enjoy the gezelligheid of the Haarlemmerstraat with a walking food tour

Kids interactive exhibition: Halte Holland @ Het Huis van Aristoteles, opens Saturday, various times, €5, for kids over 4.

A production with the Nationale Stichting ter Bevordering van Vrolijkheid is a special interactive exhibition for kids to experience what the life of a child asylum seeker is like in Holland. First see projects that the kids made in the asylum seeker centers, but also see what they brought with them and what this means about their memories and where they came from. Then make your own bag of memories.

Why go? Let your kids step into someone else shoes for a few hours

Caribbean carnival @ Tropen Museum, Saturday, 14.00, price of museum but free with Museumkaart, for kids!

The end celebration to the Caribbean carnival with the de Bijlmer Steel band Kids (the youngest children steel band of the Netherlands). Lots of activities for kids, music and fun.

Why go? Enjoy the last days of summer with a big party

Tape jockey night @ Occii, Saturday, 21.00, €5, bring as many tapes as you can find!

Why go? The greatest flashback evening with everything “spon” off tapes.

Solo show: Vic Ruggiero @ Maloe Melo, Saturday, 22.00, €5.

Vic Ruggiero, the front man for the ska band the Slackers plays a solo show.

Why go? Check out this NY guy in live action, with 50s, 60s and 70s music after the show


Manuscripta book festival @ Westerpark Gasfabriek, Sunday (for public), 11.00 – 18.00, €10.

The festive opening of the book season, presenting the 100 Dutch printers and new titles that will be coming out this season. With book presentations, interviews, discussions, signing sessions and exclusive previews.

Why go? Check out how you are going to be spending your winter (with a book in front of your nose under a blanket looking out on to rainy weather).

Live music of Liquid Lefty @ Blijburg, Sunday 21.00, FREE.

Liquid Lefty plays groovy modern tunes that are a bit jazzy, break beat and funky-esque.

Why go? Suck the last beach days out of summer and get some sand between your toes

Outside Amsterdam:

European Sand Sculptures @ Noordwijk, on the coast, everyday until the end of September, FREE, stuff for kids.

Friday is the final day of sculpture competitions. This year’s theme is Disney princesses

Why go? Go check out the amazing sand creations of the pros.

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