24 March 2010

Duet for Cannibals series on March 31st

Film, Discussion: Duet for Cannibals @ Tropentheater, March 31st, 20.00, €7.50, in English.

Duet for Cannibals, a title borrowed from Susan Sontag's 1969 film of the same name, is a monthly screening and discussion program on colonialism and cannibalism as forms of cultural appropriation. Stichting Agentur and the Tropentheater bring together a selection of works by contemporary artists and filmmakers as well as footage from the Tropenmuseum's archive (formerly the Colonial Institute of Amsterdam and institute set up during the era of European colonialism to study and exhibit the culture of 'overseas people').

This month's theme is 'Conquering the Body'. Two films will be shown: first the 'Education in the Dutch East-Indies and Going to School', an archive film of the Tropenmuseum Collection, filmed in Java in 1927, And a second film "Step by Step" (1977) by Ossama Mohammed (SY). These films are followed by a discussion and then a lecture by Paulo Herkenhoff (BR), a curator and writer based in Rio de Janeiro. In 1998 he was the artistic director of the 24th Bienal de Sao Paulo: Anthropophagy and Histories of Cannibalism, which brought the cultural heritage of Brazil's 1920's Antropofagia avant-garde movement to contemporary art discourse.

The next series will take place on April 28th with the theme, 'When One Swallows A Canon'. This includes a screen-test of Susan Sontag by Andy Warhol from 1964, and Susan Sontag's 1969 film "Duet for Cannibals".

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