19 March 2010

the hiatus

A lot of people have been asking me about the status of Busy in Amsterdam. As you have probably noticed we have been on a sort of hiatus for the last few months and regrettably haven't informed you- the reader!:(

After working on the agenda for more than six months and simultaneously starting a new job the project got too big for me and required waaayyy too much of my time in order to sustain it in the way I had hoped. That being said, I still think it is important to do something with this site; especially because I continuously meet people- both Dutch and foreign that have no idea what is going on in this wonderful city!

So after some brainstorming I have decided to make posts about special events or interesting exhibitions on a post by post bias. So you will no longer get a weekly agenda but rather a few posts a week about what is going on. Furthermore I am in the process of inviting some guest bloggers to contribute their suggestions; which should hopefully make the site more robust. So keep a look out for some changes and please contact me if you are interested in writing some posts busyinamsterdam {at] gmail (dot) com.

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