23 March 2010

the final weeks of the strippenkaart

Rumor has it that these are the final days to use the wonderfully simple strippenkaart in Amsterdam (from this date on we are subjected to getting ripped off by the OV-chipkaart). Anyway, if you still have some unused strippenkaarten laying around you can exchange these full cards (or a number of cards that total to a full card - 15 strippen) for a number of discounts; as well as receive an anonymous OV-chipkaart. Check out the announcement in Dutch here on the OV-chipkaart website.

So where to go:
1. Amsterdams Historisch Museum - 25% discount, print this voucher.
2. Museum Willet-Holthuysen - 25% discount, print this voucher
3. Museum Geelvinck 25% discount, print this voucher
4. Kinderboerderij Westerpark - free ice cream with this voucher
5. Museum Amsterdam Noord - 33% discount print this voucher
6. Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam 50% discount print this voucher
7. Tropenmuseum 20% discount print voucher
8. Cobra Museum free art card worth € 4.50 print voucher
9. Zaans Museum 20% discount print de voucher


  1. Great info! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Rotterdam has done away with the OV chipkaart since Feb this year, I guess now its happening slowly all over the NL. Thanks for sharing!