06 May 2010

Van Gogh Museum Avond, Every Friday at the Van Gogh Museum

Event + Museum: Van Gogh Museum Avond @ the Van Gogh Museum, Friday, 18.30 – 22.00, entrée to museum, stuff for older kids. Guaranteed - free guided tour at 19:30 of the exhibition Paul Gauguin (in Dutch and English) and a DJ to bring you through the rest of evening between all the other acts.

May 7th - Science/technology program by De Praktijk at 18.30 with a the showing of artist Sander Veenhof's "invisible" outfit that visitors can use to avoid being seen by surveillance cameras, plus 'Formamat' (Leiden University) - a machine that frees you of all the unnecessary data on your USB device. In exchange for your old data files you'll receive sweets as payment. Also in the Central Hall check out the Giro d'Italia special from 19:30-20:00 o'clock / 20:45-21:15 o'clock with a theatrical music program by the passionate and multitalented singer Quirine Melssen, Napolitan artist. Free Italian wine tasting from 18:30-20:30  (Central Hall).

May 14th - Introductory tour
At 19:30 free guided tour of the exhibition Paul Gauguin (in Dutch and English). Plus the Music conservatory takes the stage at 20:15.

May 21st - 2 move Wear
From 18:30 check out Ok 2 moveWear - an interactive suit that causes music and images to respond to your movements. Then at 20.30 a discussion with the maker of the suit - Angelina Baker on her intentions and the results of this installation.

May 28th - Augmented Reality

From 18:30 students from the Royal Academy of the Visual Arts in The Hague present their newest inventions and discoveries of 2010. Discussion with the students from AR-RFID lab at 20.30 with a
moderator asking the students of the KABK about the project.

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