09 December 2009

Happenings in Amsterdam December 10 -13

Every week we at Busy in Amsterdam, in the process of making the agenda, sort through all the flyers we collect, scan numerous Dutch agendas, and scour the internet to bring you a list of hand-picked happenings. Only 30- 40 or so events make the cut (it is not physically possible for us to translate everything!); and usually the events that don't make the list are dropped because they are exclusively Dutch (i.e. discussions in Dutch) or films without any English subtitles, or what we consider accessible (the schedules of the City's biggest and most popular clubs and music venues). More importantly we also try to post "uncommon events", we all know where to find the best beats or where to catch a film; thus we seek out the creative, sometimes strange, original happenings that make Amsterdam the place we love. Of course it goes without saying that we will miss something and since we make this agenda for fun and don’t receive any funds or subsidies, we essentially rely on you and your networks, as well as our own, to keep this agenda as up-to-date as possible. So if you see something interesting don’t hesitate to send it our way - busyinamsterdam [at] gmail. Also if you would like to be added to the weekly reminder list please shoot us a mail at busyinamsterdam [at] gmail.

As always have a rocking weekend.

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Kids: IJspretparc /the ice skating rink @ Westergasfabriek, opens December 11th – January 3th, daily 12:00 – 20:00, stuff for kids.

The ice park opens its doors with hot cocoa, gluhwein, sweets, hot dogs, soup and hutspot. Of course including the ice skating rink and Circus Zanzara.

Art: Amsterdam Biennale @ Mediamatic Bank, Final Weekend, Thursday – Friday 13:00 - 19:00. Saturday and Sunday 13:00 -18:00.

The Amsterdam Biennale 2009 presents a slice of the international contemporary art scene with more than thirty international curators from the Mediamatic network providing their view of art in their city.

Film: Jewish Film Festival @ het Joods Historisch Museum & Kriterion, December 9th – 13th, various times for films + special events, €8/film or €34 for 5 films, check out the program.

The eighth edition of the Jewish Film Festival with the them “Made in Holland: jewish filmmakers in Dutch cinema”. The festival is honor of all Jewish filmmakers from the beginning of the 20th century to present, brining a mix of film genres and topics. It is a mix of films from the period 1933-1940; a time when many German Jewish filmmakers fled to Holland in exile to produce films, as well as films from after the war.

Photo: Religious Curacao @ Melkweg Gallerie, December 10 – January 10, daily 13.00 – 20.00, FREE.

A photo exhibition about the peaceful coexistence of the four world religions (Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism) in the island of Curacao.

Music & Art: Adam Pendleton's BAND @ Frascati, December 13 – 14, 20:30, €12.

Adam Pendleton's BAND is a form and content refashioning of Jean-Luc Godard's Sympathy for the Devil. Made in the aftermath of May '68, the original film helped mark Godard's break from his Nouvelle Vague period into a more committed engagement with the politics and class struggles of the time. BAND unfolds in stages, it began at the Toronto International Film Festival with a rehearsal/film-shoot and live concert by the indie-rock/post-punk band Deerhoof. The Amsterdam performance/film screening will present the first edit of footage from Toronto with work-in-progress sequences from texts based on the work of authors explicitly related to Godard's film, such as black power activist Eldridge Cleaver; or tangentially related, such as Gertrude Stein. The final stage of BAND will occur as a solo-exhibition at The Kitchen, New York in Fall 2010.

Exhibition: Ring road A10
@ ARCAM, ongoing ‘til January 23, museum hours, FREE.

The exhibition highlights the longest building in Amsterdam the Ring road A10 and focuses on urban planning its architectonical significance, but also as a barrier in the city.

Visual Art: Please Please Me @ Brakke Grond, December 12 - January 17, FREE, with a special opening night Friday December 11th, 21:00, €5.

With his theatrical sculptures, subtle drawings and a completely equipped SM-darkroom, the Belgian visual artist Michaël Aerts presents an overview of his largely monumental work. Please Please Me not only sizzles with inferred significance, but also attempts to draw the spectator out of the groove of his or her daily routine. The Friday opening will include live music and DJ.

Event & Music & Dance: Nomad Festival @ Rainarai (in Westergasfabriek), ongoing ‘til December 31, various prices.

A mixed event festival, centered around Algerian food (which is served every night from 18.00). Butalso includeds Sufi dance with Sabri Saad El Hamus every Thursday, Cheb Khaled night with DJ Sjeng Stokkink on December 12. Live music with Janne Schra (Room Eleven) on December 18 & 19 . Various film events and belly dancing.


Music: Rock Night @ Volta, Thursday, 20.00, €5.

Two live bands to rock the night away- Milk and Snow on Palm Trees.

Music: Payzen @ Soundgarden, Thursday, 22:00, FREE.

Live klezmer from Amsterdam.


Music & Performances: Oud Nieuws @ Zaal 100, Friday, 18:00, FREE.

Zaal 100 will dish up a blend of music and performances such as jazz, poetry and performance art.

Music & Party: Techno Extermination Party @ Pacific Parc, Friday, 22:00, FREE.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of DISCO DEMOLITION NIGHT (Cincinnati 1979) you can vent your frustrations with disco music’s successor- techno.

Bring a techno record or cd to the party. The DJ will bust it over his head and buy you a beer, no shit!

Music: SPSound @ Smart Project Space, Friday, 22:00, €5.

SPSound delivers a mouth-watering line-up of artistically bent noise performers, with a distinctive flair for the flamboyant. First up Adolf Butler (Motorwolf) which brew up some adult oriented Noise Punk. Le Couteau Jaune (ADAADAT) are a four piece live art/noise performance group from London. Their performance consists of homemade costumes, offensive poetry, improvised noise, occasional nudity, cardboard props, audience participation and D.I.Y. pyrotechnics. Sounds like an evening for the hipsters!


Music: De Grote Prijs @ Paradiso and Melkweg, Saturday, various times, €12/event.

De Grote Prijs is a national competition for new musical talent. This weekend the national finales will be held in Amsterdam. Six groups/musicians compete in four different categories.

1. Singer/ Songwriter – Paradiso, 12:00.
2. Rock/Alternative – Melkweg, 19:00.
3. Hip hop – Paradiso, 20:45.
4. Dance/ Producers – Melkweg, 23:00.

Market: Buurtmarkt van der Pekbuurt @ Pekplein, Amsterdam Noord (get of the ferry go straight ahead you will see it on your left near the canal), every Saturday 'til December 26th, 12.00 – 16.00, FREE, stuff for kids.

An initiative out Noord in cooperation with Stichting Broedstraten and de Tolhuistuin brings together neighbors and visitors. All goods “handmade” in the neighborhood such as delicious handmade Surinamese food (including ginger beer - something like ginger ale), handmade clothes and slippers, and a makeshift cafe.

Documentary: Farewell @ Rialto, Saturday, 16:00, €8.

If you missed this documentary at the IDFA this is your chance to enjoy this award wining production. Farewell tells the story of the English journalist Lady Grace Drummond-Hay the only woman on Graf Zeppelin which made a flight around the world in 1929. Drummond-Hay tell the story of a world in crisis and Europe in ruins after the 1st World War. For this documentary only historical imagery was used.

Event: United 4 Iran @ Studio K, Saturday, 16.00 – 02.00, €17.

United4Iran-Netherlands is the Dutch branch of the international NGO United4Iran- a worldwide network of volunteers working to bring together Iranians and non-Iranians in solidarity and support of the young civil rights movement in Iran. The evening’s program consists of debates, live music, performances, comedy, DJs and VJs, and international artists of all genres discussing issues of human rights in Iran.

Dance: One Love @ Mirror Centre, Saturday, 19.00, €10- €22.50 depending on what you want to do (just music, music and food, etc..).

Live is a party that is focused on the theme connect with yourself through dancing.

19:00 One Love vegetarian dinner
20:00 Dance Workshop
22:00 One Love party with Dj Kareem Raihani

Music & Dance: Solta a Franga @ de Nieuwe Anita, Saturday, 20.00, €6.

Solta a Franga is a Brazilian expression that literally means let free the chickens but implies “let yourself go and get dancing”. DJ's Safri, Miss World, Trevo and Bertu.

Classical Concert: Mozart - Symphony No. 39 Requiem @ Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Saturday, 20:15, FREE.

The choir and symphony orchestra of the Amsterdam Conservatory performs the latest interpretation of Mozart’s requiem.

Performance & Dance: Club Slip & Grip @ Comedy Theater, Saturday, 23:00, €15.

Club Slip & grip is the ultimate combination of high and lowbrow, burlesque and underground art. Live performances include pole dancing, classic ballet, lap dancing, theater and opera all with a sexy twist. In short it advertises itself as Amsterdam’s very own little Moulin Rouge.

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Market & Event: Westerlicht @ Westerpark, Sunday, 11.00 – 19.00, FREE, stuff for kids, check out the program.

A day of events including a Sunday Xmas market (12.00 – 18.00), a special film program at Filmhuis Cavia, the Kamertheater will host a children’s show with Clowntje Polka, and Theater de Ruimte is showing 'Het Kleine Zwanenmeer' a dance show for kids 2 and up, a circus tent opens at 12.00 with special shows and of course light installations, live music and art!

Jazz: Clazz Ensemble @ Bimhuis, Sunday, 14:30, €15.

The Clazz Ensemble is a 'small big band' that plays works on the cutting edge of jazz. Special guest is New York based composer Frank Carlberg, who played piano with Steve Lacy, Bob Brookmeyer and Kenny Wheeler.

Music/ Dance: Noh Sakurama Family: Tsunemasa @ Tropentheater, Sunday, 15:00, €23.

Japanese Noh theater performance in which ancient tales of warring Japanese clans are acted out in the tradition of their ancestors - with elaborate costumes and masks.

Music: People get ready - Dutch Gospel Arts Institute @ Biljmer Park Theater, Sunday, 16.00, €5 under 18, €10, stuff for kids.

The Dutch Gospel Arts Institute presents a gospel choir concert with 9 choirs singing everything from classic gospel to cross-overs such as gospel soul, jazz, and reggae.

Film: Cinema Derive @ OT301, Sunday, 20.30, €4, in Polish with English subtitles.

Przydadek – Blind Chance (Kieslowski 1987) and Decalogue One. Director Krzysztof Kieslowski is best known in the West for his "Three Colors" trilogy, but before he headed for France he made some absolutely stunning films in his homeland of Poland. Of all the films he made there many consider this one to be the best...and some consider it the best of his career.

Kids Dance: Wonderland: dance and music for kids! @ OT301, Sunday, 16.00, €4, but kids FREE.

Wonderland is dance and music performance for/with kids.

Stand up: Comedy Train International @ Toomler, Sunday, 20:30, €16.

Stand-up comedy by Paul Sinha (UK) and Tim Clarck (UK).

Music: Mark Lotterman @ Skek, Sunday, 22:00, FREE.

Mark's songs are well known for their variety of styles (country, rock, electro and ska) and their absurd storytelling lyrics.


Santa Skate, December 18 with Friday Night Skate

Rule number 1 for the Santa Skate: dress up like Santa. No Santa costume = no participation! Santa costumes are available for about 10 euro. Skate through the city on wheels and stuff yourself with peppernoten!:)

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