02 December 2009

Happenings in Amsterdam December 3 - 6

The mercury has officially dropped to zero and the sun only dares to show its face on rare, but lovely occasions, thus we search through our closets for the wool sweaters, turn on the kettle for an extra cup tea and curl up on the couch debating where the weekend will take us… Lots of music on the agenda this week to keep you rolling; but perhaps many of you will be spending your Friday evening preparing a poem and putting the final touches on your surprise (gag gift) for Saturday’s Sinterklaas celebrations; if so enjoy!

Movie: Encounters at the end of the Word @ Griffoen, Thursday and Friday, 19:30, €7.

Documentary about life on Antarctica by the maker of Grizzly Man.

Theater & Dance: On the Importance of Being an Arab (Dancing on the Edge) @ Frascati, Friday and Saturday, 19.30, €12.

“This performance is based on the events of the life of the director/performer, Ahmed El Attar - he is both the material and the one presenting that material...His individuality and the fact that he is a member of an ethnic group (Arab) are put into the light of today's society and the imposed emphasis on ethnicity.” - theaterfrascati.nl

Theater: The History Boys by Alan Bennett @ CREA, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 19:30, €15 / €10 students.

Set in a grammar school in northern England, the play follows a bunch of bright, funny sixth form boys in pursuit of sex, sport and a place at university. A huge hit in the UK and on Broadway.

Tour: The Night Watch a City Walk @ Rembrandthouse, Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 10.00 am.

Discover the historical journey made by the Nightwatch with a tour starting from the spot where the famous painting was created about 400 hundred years ago, through the historic center.

Exhibition: Ring road A10 @ ARCAM, ongoing ‘til January 23, museum hours, FREE.

The exhibition highlights the longest building in Amsterdam the Ring road A10 and focuses on urban planning its architectonical significance, but also as a barrier in the city.

Exhibition: Art, Migration and Identity @ Oude Kerk, ongoing ‘til December 6th, price of museum.

Diverse national and international artists who either live or work in the Netherlands combine their work in one exhibition to explore migration and identity in art. For more info check out: http://www.artinredlight.com

Exhibition: Oman @ De Nieuwe Kerk, ongoing ‘til April 18, 2010, museum hours, €12.

In the exhibition Oman more than 300 items from different museum collections in Oman will be on display. The collections include those of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum, as well as private collections.


Workshop: Gospel festival @ Bijlmer Parktheater, Thursday, 18:00, €5.

A workshop by The Harlem Gospel Choir, reservation necessary through info@zocultuur.nl.

Event & TV: Quiet Night In @ De Nieuwe Anita, Thursday, 19.00, €4.

The best of British tv comedy on the big screen. Hosted by Steve Green and Mark Poysde,, including waffles!

Music: Emergenza @ Winston Kingdom, Thursday, 19:00, €10.

Emergenza is a European and North American music festival for up-and-coming bands. The first Emergenza festival was held in Rome in 1994. The festival expanded through the rest of Europe through the 1990s, and has included cities in the United States since 2004.

Music: Rocknacht (Rock Night) @ Volta, Thursday, 20:00, FREE.

Live music with several bands such as Tico Verde and The Risque.

Music: Tango Concert @ Pianola Museum, Thursday, 20:30, €12,50.

Tango Argentino - with singer Juan Carlos Tajes and special guest, singer Orlando Miño accompanied by Wim Werman on piano.

Music: Latin American live Music @ De Badcuyp, Thursday, €8, 21:30.

Live Mexican Fandango by Minino Garay and Gerardo di Giusto.

Hard rock karaoke @ Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Thursday, 22:00, €5.

Hard rock karaoke accompanied by a live band.


Event & Museum: Van Gogh Museum Avond @ the Van Gogh Museum, Friday, 18.30 – 22.00, entrée to museum, stuff for older kids.

This week - In conversation with Van Gogh: Renée van Marissing gives her interpretation of Van Gogh’s letters. Van Marissing has wrote a libretto for Xynix opera (The Black and the Beautiful) and she has written various radio plays on commission for the Hoorspelfabriek. In June 2009 her debut novel was published. In November she performed at the Crossing Border Festival 2009. With the collective Le Nu Perdu. to follow with an interactive dance, musical, spoken word performance. DJ Goldfinger fills in along the way.

Theater: Readers Theater - A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens @ ABC Treehouse, Friday, 20.00 – 22.00, €5, reservation necessary – mail donna@abc.nl.

Theaterworks Amsterdam presents a "Readers Theater" version of the original novel ‘A Christmas Carol’. Relive the classic story.

Music: Winterjazz @ Noorderparkkamer, Friday, 20:00, €5.

Tom Beek – sax; Wolf Martini – guitar; Haye Jellema – drums; Mark Zandveld – bass.

Music: band the Greatest Tits @ Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Friday, 22:00, €5.

Punky and New Wave from the seventies and eighties witch will make you dance.

Improv Comedy: Easy laughs @ CREA Muziekzaal, Friday, 20:30, €10.

A cast of 6 actors takes suggestions from the audience and performs comedy scenes based on those suggestions.

Dance: Betty & Billie’s Beat Boutique @ Club 8, Friday, 22:00, €4.

Rock and Roll around the clock, with show girls, twister and Miss Yogi.

Music: Afro Influential Funk Federation @ De Badcuyp, Friday, €9, 23:00.

The Afro Influential Funk Federation (AIFF) are a group of Dutch musicians around DJ and producer Phil Martin and musician Ton van der Kolk whom have established their own version of afro-funk. Influenced by classic afro funk like Fela Kuti.


Tour: Hidden Treasures off Social Housing @ Museum het Schip, Saturday, 11:00, €15.

Museum het Schip organizes special extended tours of 1.5 hours every Saturday. During the tour you get more information about the history of Dutch social housing, including coffee/tea/hot chocolate with apple pie. For reservations call 020-418 28 85.

Market: Buurtmarkt van der Pekbuurt @ Pekplein, Amsterdam Noord (get of the ferry go straight ahead you will see it on your left near the canal), every Saturday 'til December 26th, 12.00 – 16.00, FREE, stuff for kids.

An initiative out Noord in cooperation with Stichting Broedstraten and de Tolhuistuin brings together neighbors and visitors. All goods “handmade” in the neighborhood such as delicious handmade Surinamese food (including ginger beer - something like ginger ale), handmade clothes and slippers, haircuts!, and a makeshift cafe. This week with special Sinterklaas surprises!

Music: Klankruimte @ Oude Kerk, Saturday, 15:00, €5.

Organ concert by Miwako Nakamura.

Music: Karamakonga @ Pacific Parc, Saturday, 20:00, FREE.

Enjoy the Roots Music of Karamakonga the enjoy DJ Bennis Burke Booty shakin' beats from Berlin to Bombay and from Rio to Rabat.

Klik & Play @ De Nieuwe Anita, Saturday, 20:00, €6.

The Sinterklaas edition of the monthly music event with Dj Luuk.

Dance: Natarj @ Muiderpoorttheater, Saturday, 21:30, €9.

Natraj is one of the names of the Hindu god, Shiva, the most revered god in this ancient religion. The image of Natraj is also known as "dancing Shiva", thus a dance event in the name. With dj Shanto Iradi and Vj Yantra.

Music & Dance: DIY @ OT301, Saturday, 22.00, €5.

A drum, bass, core, techno dance night benefiting a humanitarian project in Morocco which assists youth.

Music: Rock’n Roll @ Maloe Melo, Saturday, 22.00, €5.

Rock 'n Roll with Nico, + The baby boomers.

Music: HC/Punk-Sinterklasss @ OCCII, Saturday, 21:00, €5.

Three bands to blast your eardrums, NIGHT FEVER (K-TOWN Denmark), LOCAL SPASTICS (Amsterdam, NL), SICK MORMONS (Amsterdam, NL).


Kids: Chinese paper cutting @ Tropen Museum, Sunday, next Saturday and Sunday (December 12 & 13), 12.00 – 16.30, entrance to museum, for kids 4 -12.

Jian zi, is a traditional form of Chinese paper cutting that dates back centuries. There are many symbols that cut and designed into the paper that symbolize good luck, happiness, health, etc… These papers are used as decoration, especially around the holidays.

Music & Kids: So What @ De Duif,Sunday, 15:00, kids €5, adults €7.50.

‘So What’ is an afternoon of Jazz, Classical Music and other sounds for kids from 4 to 94.

Music: Son Asi @ Café Hesp, Sunday, 16:30, FREE.

Some meringue and salsa for your Sunday afternoon.

Salsa Sunday @ Lizboa, Sunday, 20:00, FREE.

Come listen and dance to Sabroso a dynamic salsa band from Amsterdam.

Film: Cinema Derive – “Deep Water” and “Here is Always Somewhere Else” @ OT301, Sunday, 20.30, €4.

Two films + one likely rainy afternoon = happiness. Deep Water (2006) tells the story of Donald Crowhurst, journey in the first Sunday Times Golden Globe solo, non-stop, round-the-world, boat race in 1968.

Music: Bik Bent Braam @ Bimhuis, Sunday, 20:30, €4.

Anarchistic big band jazz played by a 13 headed big band.


Music: Techno Extermination Party @ Pacific Parc, 22:00, FREE.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of DISCO DEMOLITION NIGHT (Cincinnati 1979) you can vent your frustration with disco music’s successor; Techno.

Bring a techno record or cd to the party. The DJ will bust it over his head and buy you a beer, no shit!

Santa Skate, December 18 with Friday Night Skate

Rule number 1 for the Santa Skate: dress up like Santa. No Santa costume = no participation! Santa costumes are available for about 10 euro. Skate through the city on wheels and stuff yourself with peppernoten!:)

IJspretparc /the ice skating rink @ Westergasfabriek, December 11th – January 3th. Daily 12:00 – 20:00.

The ice park opens its doors with hot cocoa, gluhwein, sweets, hot dogs, soup and hutspot. Of course including the ice skating rink and Circus Zanzara.

If you appreciate this agenda please click on some ads so that we can caffeinate ourselves here at Busy in Amsterdam to keep this agenda up and running!

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