23 June 2010

suggestion for the Day of Architecture outside of Amsterdam, June 27th

Event: Re-use of (agricultural) heritage @ Architectuurpark Makeblijde, Oud Wulfseweg 3, Houten, tour & cycling, Sunday June 27th, 13.00 - 17.00, FREE but need to bring your own bike for the bike tour, subscribe via e-mail: aanmelden@makeblijde.nl.

Houten is a new town developed around a small agricultural village alongside the trade route of the rivers towards Utrecht. The rural area around Houten is subject to transformation processes. Two events are planned for the Day of Architecture.

First is a bicycle tour of architecture in Houten. Departing from the Architecture Park Makeblijde you will cycle past four buildings recently converted into a contemporary home, a community centre and cultural and studio spaces. In collaboration with the urban historian Otto Wttewaall, you visit the beautiful old grain silo - the building of the cooperative, the old station of Houten, the farm Korteland and the former castle Wickenburgh. At each location, an expert will lead you through the building and give a lecture on the history of the place, the conversion and current use. For the return trip you will take the TRAP route, standing for touristic, recreational and archaeological projects with routes along major historical or archaeological sites.
The second event is a workshop about recycling and reuse happening at Architectuurpark Makeblijde through the tours. Together with the architect/designer Calanne Moroney and the artist Geert Hutsebaut, Architectuurpark Makeblijde creates an object as a place/furniture in the garden of the Architecture Park Makeblijde. Moroney is one of the initiators of the foundation raw, an initiative to build with recycled materials, especially in South Africa and is an independent architect, designer and builder and has a masters in ecological building and energy systems with a lot of experience in recycled materials and sustainable buildings. Geert Hutsebaut and Karin Christof will complete this workshop team, with their expertise as artist and architect respectively. (See http://www.campism.org/, and http://www.hamaai.com/ for more info). During this workshop 'Playback' examples of successful recycling will be used to create a very 'new' object.  The resulting objects will stay at the Architecture Park Makeblijde as the summer-exhibition to visit.

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