25 June 2010

A summer trip: Muiden, a Fort and a castle

Although Amsterdam has lots to offer we recommend you leave the city at least every once and a while and since the weather is so nice we thought we might include a suggestion for a nice summer bike trip to Muiden, a fort and castle just outside Amsterdam. An interesting bike trip is to Muiden a small town just some 15 kilometres southeast of Amsterdam.
There you will find Muiderslot, a Dutch castle located at the mouth of the river Vecht, which flows into what used to be the Zuiderzee (now IJsselmeer). It's one of the better-known castles in the Netherlands and has been featured in many television shows set in the Middle Ages.

If you are not into castles you could visit a fort just 30 minutes off the coast of Muiden. Fort Pampus which is part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Both sistes are great visits for kids and adults alike, giving you insight into Dutch history and its long relationship with the water.

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