06 June 2009

Dag van de Bouw/The Day of Construction, 06/06

Saturday June 6th from 10 - 16 is the annual Dag van de Bouw/the day of construction. Free tours of various locations under construction, including the controversial Noord-Zuid Lijn (the Metro line), the Rijksmuesum, and student housing Casa400 near the Amstel Station.

For the non-Dutch speakers click on "Projecten en Locaties", then pick your province (Amsterdam is in Noord-Holland), then a pop-up window lists all the locations.

Why might you be interested?: you can brag to your friends that you experienced the top thrill seeking destination in Amsterdam - the Noord-Zuid Lijn stations (for those of you who don't know during the construction of the line in 2008 numerous houses literally sank!!, therefore you are actually risking you life by visiting these sites!) Furthermore you will have the opportunity to see the Metro twenty years in advance (as there have been numerous delays that continue to push the completion dates further into infinity). These two factors have the potential to make you the most popular guy in the City!

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