11 June 2009

More additions to June 11 - 14 agenda

A few more happenings to add to the long list for the weekend of June 11 -14. These are also already integrated into the original post which was posted Monday. Please send your comments, and or questions. And have a fabulous weekend, keep dry!

Sound Clothing, @ Mediamatic, ongoing exhibition various days, 13.00 - 17.00, make reservation 020 638 9901, 25 euros (bring your own garment and get an electronic kit).
Nadya Peek, a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, presents a series of workshops where you can explore electro-clothing: clothing that lights up in the dark, sings when it is touched and moves when it is cold. Bring your own garment to technify!

Why go? make an extremely unique outfit!

Repairing, @Platform21, Friday - Sunday, 12 -18,

Exhibition 'Repairing' is an interactive, improv repair station where you can mend the holes in your sweater, darn socks in remarkable ways including a rainbow of colors selection of duct tapes in stock.

Why go? something certainly off the beaten track.

Transition Town de Pijp: Town Thee (Tea), @ Swomp, Rustenbursterstraat 438 / 440, Sunday, 12 - 16. The ecological experiment garden Swomp holds a tea for the initiative Transition Towns. A meeting and discussion space to talk about environmental movements, ecology in the city, etc... in de Pijp.

Why go? Get ideas about how to build a vertical garden on your balcony

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