29 June 2009

lovefood.nl Sunday brunch @ the Noorder Markt, Amsterdam

I recently heard about this local food/cafe initiative via - http://twitter.com/jonshaheen; which sounds phenomenal. lovefood.nl is a brunch held every Sunday at Cafe Finch, Noordermarkt, Amsterdam from 11 - 15. Lovefood was conceived by Jason Hartley, an Englishman living in Amsterdam, who wanted to make "food that makes you smile". The focus is to provide a world-class brunch, (which personally I can't wait to try, I have been searching for a decent brunch place for years that didn't cost me an arm and a leg). There are new specials every week, along with great brunch standards! And every so often a boat trip with lekker eten en drankjes erbij (with food and drinks included).


  1. If you want really well cooked food go to Finch, t's a eally great way to spend Brunch and now Jason is also doing lovefood loveboat. Brunch on a boat in the Amsterdam sun what more could you want?

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