15 June 2009

Pop-up cafe opens in de Baarsjes

A Pop-Up Café /exhibition recently opened its doors in de Baarsjes, running until July 31, Thursday - Sundays, 10 - 19.

“The Pop-Up Café is a temporary exhibition that will take place from June 6 until August 2 at Meneer de Wit Gallery in Amsterdam. It’s a place that looks and functions as a café. A place where you can socialize, drink coffee, experience art, read books & attend events, all within the pop-up theme. Imagine foldable stools, paper walls, pop-up ceramics, one-off events, a pop-up bookstore, how-to lectures, dinners & brunches. The Pop-Up Café is an exhibition & café during the day, with lectures, presentations, movies, dinners, music and parties during the evening and night.” from official posting.

This cafe is an exhibition, not a formalized cafe, as it is much cheaper and easier to open an exhibition space and sell food and drinks, than it is to get permits and such in the heavily regulated country of the Netherlands!:)

Why go? see spontaneity in action and enjoy a coffee in this "non-cafe"

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