08 June 2009

Weekend of June 11 - 14

Trying out a new organization system which will hopefully be easier for you - the reader to figure out how to be busy in Amsterdam! I will work to organize Amsterdam's happenings in one blog post for each (long) weekend Thursday to Sunday. I aim to post the weekly listings the Tuesday before the weekend, hopefully giving you and me time to figure out how to fill your days (and avoid vrije tijd stress (free time stress), which the Dutch are known for suffering from!:). I also expect that I will make updates at least one other time before Friday night, as there are always events going on by word of mouth, that I can't find on-line or in newspapers.

Again, I seek to make an exhaustive, yet manageable list of events that aren't typically on mainstream agendas/radars. These listings are in no particular order. And again I don't aim to include a film schedule, nor museum exhibitions but rather highlight special films and or exhibitions, that I think might be of interest to you (or me!:).

Please send me your comments and events if you don't see them on here. So here it goes..

Happenings in Amsterdam
the "weekend" of June 11 -13:


Thursday Events:
Just City: James C. Scott, Masters of Intervention, De Balie, Thursday starts @ 20, €5. See the infamous political scientist/social geographer, James C. Scott (author of many books including Seeing Like a State (1998), speak about urban living, governance and the dynamic processes of city life. Reservation is necessary.
Why go? a critical look at the processes occuring in cities by a Yale Univeristy Professor.

All Weekend Events:
Vondelpark Openluchttheather (Open Air Theater), Friday - Sunday, various times see previous post for detials, FREE, stuff for kids.

Why go? THE TUNES!! - the most popular band of the year, and winners of this year's Amsterdam Popprijs play on Sunday at 16.00 (see below under Music).

Doku.Arts: International Festival for Film on Art, Thursday to Sunday, various times prices, and locations including the Film Museum and Herengracht 609.
The festival aims to explore the connections between the history of cinema and television and art by portraying the intimate stories, lives, details of these artists lives. Films and discussions from all art fields: music, literature, theatre, dance, cinema, architecture, painting, sculpture, visual art and media art. Also see FREE seminar on film-making and architecture on Friday, June 12.

Why go? lots of films about the Dutch 'architectural god' - Rem Koolhaas, films in French, and also Chinese urban and rural development.

Life in Fragments - 'Video activism' from the Israeli occupation, @ De Balie, various prices and events Friday - Sunday.
Life in Fragments presents critical views on the Israeli military occupation by screening activist videos. These are short films with no narratives, just fragments of lived experiences. Made by human rights organizations and individual activists, both Israelis and Palestinians.

Why go? an intimate look at the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Born in Georgia: photo exhibition, @ Cobra Museum, final weekend of exhibition, €9.50/ticket but free with Museumkaart.
The exhibition gets an overview of the recent developments in the work of an entire generation of young Georgian artists.

Why go? A glimpse into life in Georgia and its modern artists, and a nice bike ride to Amstelveen.

Repairing, @Platform21, Friday - Sunday, 12 -18, FREE.

Exhibition 'Repairing' is an interactive, improv repair station where you can mend the holes in your sweater, darn socks in remarkable ways including a rainbow of colors selection of duct tapes in stock.

Why go? something certainly off the beaten track.

Just Friday Events:
"Opening Soon / Opening Now: Turkish Snack bar", Korsjespoortsteeg 23, Friday 18 - midnight, free exhibition but you mise well buy a Turkse pizza. The "Turkish Snack bar", a project by Laurence Aëgerter, is a temporary transformation (lasting only these six hours) of the former brother (street between Herengracht and Singel, two bridges from Amsterdam Central Station). "Opening Soon / Opening Now" is the title of a year project Laurence Aëgerter is developing for RED A.I.R. Korsjespoortsteeg 23 was originally assigned to Aëgerter as a studio. She chose not to use the space as a studio however, but as a place to question her role as an artist in the city's political plans of gentrification in Amsterdam. She will apply 8 new public and semi-public functions to the space.

Why go? it is temporary, so you got one chance! (at least until the next transformation), and its Turkish pizza=yummy.

Just Saturday Events:
D-Day/50s Party, @ Cruise Inn (Zeeburgereiland, past Flevopark), Saturday 14 - late, FREE (minus cost of drinks). A nearly annual rock 'n roll party with lots of music (djs and live bands), as well as vintage cars and bikes!

Why go? rock 'n roll + party, need I say more!

Het Concertgebouw Opening, Saturday 10 - 18, FREE, stuff for kids.
The Concertgebouw opens it's doors with a big celebration on the Concertgebouwplein (the square in front of the Concert Building near Museumplein). Diverse amateur music talents at the podium of various genres, including hiphop, classical music, "bucket music" (pots, pans, buckets, bottle music- aka Stomp-esque), tap dancing, karaoke with a live piano player (open zangpodium), and a silent disco. Also workshops for the kids which include building musical instruments, an India-style musical show and a treasure hunt (kinderspeurtocht) in Het Concertgebouw. Food and drinks are available, as well as pottertjes (tiny Dutch pancakes).

Why go? lots of enjoyment for you ears and a nice break from your Saturday shopping.

World Wide Knitting in Public Day/Eigenraads creatief feetijn(website only in Dutch), @ Kastanjeplein in Oost (just south of Oosterpark), Saturday from 11 - 16, FREE, stuff for kids.
Inspired from the World Wide Kitting in Public Day initiative and advertised as a creative day at the public square; you are asked to bring your knitting needles and or crochet hooks and see what happens as you do crafty things with others (share ideas, help each other, etc...).

Why go? There will be an inter-active knitting performance, people spinning yarn, projects with recycled materials as well as food and drinks to keep your fingers working!
Sustainable Openlucht theater @ Park Frankendael Watergrafsmeer, FREE.
The film title was not yet known at posting, although certain to have a theme of nature, the last film played was 'Into the Wild'. It is a sustianable evening, with all electricity sourced from solar power.
Why go? It is supposed to be a clear night mix it with a nice film and cozy up with blankets and enjoy being outside!

Just Sunday Events:
Opera in the Houthavens (the old wood port), Sunday begins at 14.00, FREE.
The Stadsdeel Westerpark organizes an annual open air opera concert in the Houthavens @ Paviljoen Aan 't IJ, Stavangerweg 560 (near Westerpark where the student containers and cruise ship are located). The first opera is Le Prophète written by G.Meyerbeer performed by Hojotoho Management and Cantina Vocaal.

Why go? enjoy music on het IJ.

Kinderrommelmarkt in Oost, Krugerplein in the Transvaalbuurt, Sunday 14 - 16, FREE, definitely for kids!
The "Bewonersgroep Wij van de Wijk" organized a kids market with only kinderspullen (kids toys, clothes, games, etc...).

Why go? support the Transvaalbuurt (neighbourhood).


Entire Weekend Music:
KlankKleurfestival, @ Uilenburger Synagoge, Thursday - Sunday various times, various prices €5 - €50 for a festival pass. This festival is considered a music laboratory of sorts bringing together ground-breaking artists, dancers, designers, etc...through the starting point of chamber music. And of course klank en kleur (literally sound and color), meaning that they aim to combine chamber music with visual elements, such as film, dance, and art.

Why go? an un-traditional way to see/listen/enjoy chamber music.

Thursday Music:

Estrella Acosta Trio (Cuba, bossa nova music), @ de Badcuyp Zuidpool, Thursday begins at 20.00, €4 entree or free with a min. €10 purchase of dinner.

Why go? The Badcuyp, off the Albert Cuyp Market, not only has various genres of jazz and world music but also has an organic/biologisch eetcafe serving food from 8 to 14 /plate of the day.

Oktopedians, @ Zaal 100, every Thursday, 20 - 23, FREE to listen €3 to play along.
The Oktopedians give an open jazz workshop every Thursday evening. You can join in or just listen to the making of improv jazz. Zaal 100 also has an eethuis. with vegetarian food.

Why go? Learn how to improv and something about jazz musical form, tones, etc...

Friday Music:
Van Gogh Museum Avond, @ the Van Gogh Museum, Friday 20 - 22, entrée to museum, but
free with Museumkaart.
Every Friday students from
het Conservatorium van Amsterdam provide some background music to your visit to the museum.

Why go? why not enjoy some live music will checking out Van Gogh's work.

Stamppot, @ Sugar Factory, Friday 23.00 - 05.00, €9 at the door.
Stamppot (stew/hotchpotch) is a traditional Dutch dish that is made with mashed potatoes as its base and then different combinations of cabbage, spinach, spek, onions, whatever is lying in the fridge. Stamppot at the Sugar Factory aims to include a mix of music from House, Acid and Techno.

Why go? there is at least one ingredient in stamppot that everyone likes.

Saturday Music:
Gumbo Night, @ the KHL Koffiehuis (In Zeeburg, near/across from Java eiland), Saturday begins at 21.00, entree €7.50.
Gumbo night, a weekly event at the KHL celebrates New Orleans music. They also serve cajun food, including gumbo (a stew or soup, originating in Louisiana (south of the US) using ingredients from various cultures of cooking.

Why go? The KHL is known for hosting some of the best bluegrass and blues bands in NL, also it is a very gezellig (cosy) place!

Sunday Music:
The Tunes, @ Vondelpark Openluchttheather, Sunday begins at 16.00, FREE, stuff for kids.
See the most popular band of the year, The Tunes - the winners of this years Amsterdam Popprijs. The music of the Tunes includes a bunch of young aspiring musicians playing there hearts out on the contrabass, harmonica, washboards, etc... all around catchy, fun-loving music. Kids would love it as well.

Why go? catch this up and coming band before they their autographs are really worth something!, a good excuse to dance in Vondelpark.

Los Dolores, @ Lizboa (the boat next to Albert Albert next to the bridge going to KNSM and Java islands), Sunday begins at 20.00, FREE.
Los Dolores is a Spanish speaking/singing group from everywhere from Spain to Latin America and Cuba.

Why go? Enjoy music in the intimate Lizboa boat, plus they are releasing a new CD on Saturday so be the first to see them!

Random Events

Eat Hollandse Nieuwe herring!, any haring stand you can find in the City, various prices. On Tuesday the first vaat of fresh summer herring was sold = the most delicious/freshest herring is available right now.
Why eat it? Known as the Dutch sushi- raw, fresh herring with chopped onions, is known to help hangovers, cause a feel smiles when eaten whole, and is delicious. If you haven't dared to try it before do it this week!
Opening Day of Oostpoort/openingsevenement ‘Beleef Oostpoort’(the new neighbourhood/development in Oost), in Oost, Saturday from 12 - 18, FREE, stuff for kids. Get a look at the completion of the first phase of the Oostpoort: three sport buildings, a school, the Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, Muziekmakerscentrum and the Stadsdeelhuis. There will be parties and activities organized in all of the areas; such as sports, music and theatre and also an information market about the upcoming phases of this development project.

Why go? If you are interested in the development of the city, and or looking for a new house to buy in the next few years.

Big book, CD and DVD sale from the Openbare Bibliotheek Indische Buurt on the Soerabajastraat 4, begins Friday June 12 - 20, from 10 - 19.
The public library is selling books, CDs and DVDs that aren't needed any more, slightly damaged, etc... Books are € .50 each and CD’s and DVD’s: €2 each.

Why go? support the library so that you can have a great collection of update to date books and CDS, also pick up some new books.

UPDATED 11/06/09 Other things on my radar:
Open Atelierroute: Boven 't IJ /Open artist studios @ various locations in Amsterdam-Noord and in the Waterlandse villages of Nieuwendam, Schellingwoude, Durgerdam, Ransdorp and Holysloot, 13 - 18ish, FREE, stuff for the kids.
Various activities, beyond viewing studios, such workshops on graffiti, poem writing, as well as Spanish guitar and hip hop music. And a free South American style music concert at 17.00
Aafke Steenhuis, Nieuwendammerdijk 421, Amsterdam.

Who go? A good excuse to stop on your weekend cycling day-trip, report back to your neighbourhoods about what is happening in Noord!:)

Alice's Fusion Tea Garden, @ Scheltema in Leiden, Saturday - Sunday 12 - 18, FREE, stuff for older kids. Part of the art festival, Land of the Rising Sense, is a multi/mixed media installation looking at cross cultural tea ceremonies and workshops by Toyoko Shimada. A "Wonder Garden" was created.

Sound Clothing, @ Mediamatic, ongoing exhibition various days, 13.00 - 17.00, make reservation 020 638 9901, 25 euros (bring your own garment and get an electronic kit).
Nadya Peek, a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, presents a series of workshops where you can explore electro-clothing: clothing that lights up in the dark, sings when it is touched and moves when it is cold. Bring your own garment to technify!

Why go? make an extremely unique outfit!

Transition Town de Pijp: Town Thee (Tea), @ Swomp, Rustenbursterstraat 438 / 440, Sunday, 12 - 16. The ecological experiment garden Swomp holds a tea for the initiative Transition Towns. A meeting and discussion space to talk about environmental movements, ecology in the city, etc... in de Pijp.

Why go? Get ideas about how to build a vertical garden on your balcony

Just for kids:
Klank-speeltuin/Noise-sound playground, @ in Het Muziekgebouw, open every Wednesday 14.30 - 16.00 and Sunday 12.30 - 14.00 and 14.30 - 16.00. (the workshops take 1.5 hours), 8.50/kid, kids 7 -12, reservations recommended 020-788 2000.
It is a playground where kids can play with sound via music machines, installations and computer set-ups.

Why go? Something different to do with kids on a rainy day.

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