29 June 2009

Activities in Amsterdam for children 3 and up

I have had more than a few people contact me about what to do with the little ones in Amsterdam. I of course work to always include and mention the activities that are suitable for children on the weekly post, but I thought I might take a moment to mention a few suggestions that are always available. Also I would really appreciate your comments and suggestion for where you visit/travel with children.

1 - Tunfun @ Waterloopplein. Indoor playground, great for a rainy day for kids of every age, even adults!:) They have separate sections for each age group, so kids under two have a play area, kids 2-4, 5 -8, all the way up to adult games such as the large inflatable castles that you have been dying to jump into since you yourself were 12 and no longer allowed. They also have scooters, trampolines, basketball, etc... Furthermore there are adult areas where you can see the kids as they play stocked with magazines. There is also a small cafe with sandwiches, hot dogs, drinks, etc...

2 - Petting zoos / Kinderboederij @ there is a pretty large one in Westerpark, another one in De Pijp, and another in Watergraafsmeer near the Science Park. These are farms set-up with the intention to educate city people (not just kids) about farm life and animals.

3- Kinderkook cafe / Kid cafe off Vondelpark. Kids can make there own food, pizza's cupcakes, sandwiches. They also have "adult food". Furthermore they have have an indoor play place and an outside playground with sandbox and a swing set.

4 - I have enjoyed going to the museums with kids 4 and up, when they first open before lunch time. I found the kids really liked this as well, as you can talk to them about the stories in paintings, and colors, etc... It proved be an interactive adventure. I first suggest getting a Museumkaart, which is an annual pass for many museums throughout NL. Included on this list, as well as interesting places to bring kids is the Van Gogh, the Rijksmuseum, and FOAM! But again I would only recommend going in the morning with kids under 10, as unfortunately guests seem to be annoyed with younger children in the museum.

5 - Also, this may seem like a strange one, but for many kids who are just visiting Amsterdam or Europe for that matter, it might be interesting to do a train station visit. Just walk up on the tracks anywhere in the train station, bring a snack and let your little ones be amazed with the locomotives. Also if they like this you might want to check out the huge cruise ships at the passengers terminal. And take a free ride back and forth from the free ferries behind Central Station.

6 - Pannenkoeken boat - eat pancakes and let your kids jump in ball pits while enjoying the river IJ.

7 - Furthermore I recommend going to street markets. They are safe for kids to walk, since there are no cars and there is lots to discover.

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